Ball Street: With stock market liquidity, TradeFan makes you an active player in Fantasy Sports

You’ve got a nice glass of Scotch and you’re settling in to watch Luka Doncic or James Harden put up 70 Fantasy points and lead your team to victory and a very nice payout.

Then two minutes into the game Doncic turns his ankle.

Your fine Scotch quickly turns to battery acid and you realize you’re toast.

Well, not anymore.

TradeFan is a Fantasy game which allows you to buy and sell your team within the game.

Canadian theoretical physicist Claude Elharrar had the original idea for what became TradeFan in 2013 and he teamed up with a friend who was a mathematician.

“The idea was to correlate athlete’s performance to a value that moves in real time according to what’s happening on the field,” Elharrar said a in recent phone interview. “In other words to create a stock market for sports.”

The team raised money in 2013, built a demo and “the demo was very successful,” Elharrar said.